Added 21.04.2021

Water tank as a fire protection tank and a method for lower property insurance

Currently, the insurance rates are increasing year by year. Many enterprises do not receive building permits without a water tank, which can also act as a fire protection tank.
It is a prerequisite for obtaining a building permit and then acceptance of the property.

The tank itself is an excellent protection and a guarantee that in the case of a fire the extinguishing units will have an easier task and a large source of water to fight with the fire. Rainwater tanks, which are also fire protection tanks, are also perfect for single-family houses and farms. The water stored in them, thanks to the pre-filter and the monolithic structure of the tank, does not change its PH and is an excellent source for everyday use. By using a rainwater tank which is also a fire protection tank, both the entrepreneur and the individual are able to significantly reduce the property insurance rate.