Added 02.03.2021

Garbage collection fee and saving water

From year to year, the fees for garbage collection are increasing. Until now, they were dependent on factors such as: number of people living in a house, flat or its size. Currently, in many cities, the fee for garbage is correlated with the amount of water which was used.Such a move has already been decided in Warsaw, Szczecin, Marki and other cities. The monthly fee will depend on the average water consumption for the next 6 months of the last year. However, irretrievably used water, i.e. water used for washing a car (as indicated by the sub-meter), will not be taken into account. Only water used for domestic purposes will be taken into account. From 2021, the inhabitants of the capital will pay for rubbish according to water consumption 12.73 PLN per 1 m³ of water used per month. This applies to multi-family buildings, single-family houses and uninhabited premises in a mixed development (e.g. a delicatessen in a tenement house). Thus, saving water will result in lowering both water bills as well as garbage bills, or even property tax (see more here: Thus, a household installing a Gizo water tank will save not only garbage fees but also taxes. What’s more, water retention and its reuse will significantly reduce its consumption from the grid and help protect our planet. Be Eco and save with us.