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Why collect water?

Currently, many countries are introducing rain taxes, Poland is also included in this group. The solution to high fees is installation Gizo concrete monolithic rain water tanks with a capacity of 15-20,000 liters with pre-filtration system.

Thanks to them, everyone can be independent and have their own ecological source of stone-free, soft water, which is ideally suited for use in households, hotels and other companies. With the collected water, we are able to supply toilets, washing machines, water the garden, wash the car and use it for other purposes in your homes and businesses. The concrete structure of the tank and the composition of the concrete allow for long-term water storage without risk of losing its quality. The monolithic reinforced concrete structure of the Gizo tanks ensures their exceptional longevity and 100% water resistance. In addition, the nationwide “Catch Rain” program allows you to obtain funding of up to 80% investment value.

Retention “catching” rainwater is an everyday ecology, savings and a trend that decrease drought effects in Poland. As a result of the water tanks assembly with a capacity of 15-20,000 liters that can be combined in sets of any size, we create rainwater storage facilities that we use for everyday tasks.

Water tanks also act as a buffer, which, in the case of today’s weather anomalies, are able to protect us against local flooding. Water tanks are additional sources of water for the fire service, thanks to that we are able to obtain favorable insurance rates for fire risks!

Washing cars, windows, facades, blinds with soft water is a guarantee of cleanliness and quality!